Cherry blossom
Japan's Golden Route - Expanded and Extended
Most first time travelers to Japan choose the "Golden Route" for their itinerary. The Golden Route starts in Tokyo, and ends in Kyoto. However, why limit your trip to only two cities? There are plenty of day trips nearby Tokyo and Kyoto, and always lots of options to visit en route.
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Shirakami Train
Winters in Japan: 2 Perfect Trips
These two destinations offer so many choices when it comes to a wintery playground, it might be hard to choose one over the other. Our advice: choose both.
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Enjoying the Fall Foliage in Japan
Visit amazing places to see the crimson leaves in Japan. They start to turn colors up north as early as October; however, for regions like Tokyo and Kyoto, the leaves will change color around November. Plan your fall trip to Japan today.
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The Wonders of Okinawa
Far from the bustle of Japan's busy cities, in the southernmost prefecture, lies subtropical Okinawa, a group of more than 160 islands ringed by cerulean waters, white sandy beaches, and lush landscapes. Discover 7 reasons why Okinawa should be your next vacation destination.
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Useful Travel Information
Discover "100 Experiences in Japan"
Download this booklet and experience off the beaten path to idyllic villages, virgin forests, ancient temples, modern art museums, lush gardens, fine restaurants and more.
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Collecting Goshuin: A Beginner's Guide to Start Your Collection
Handwritten in beautiful calligraphy and stamped in brilliant red ink, a goshuin is a sort of certificate that attests someone's visit to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. This is everything you need to know about how to make your own collection.
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Experience the World's Best Economy Class Onboard Japan Airlines!
Book your flight on Japan Airlines (JAL) to enjoy a truly comfortable & memorable travel experience. From check-in to arrival, JAL delights their guests with sincere Japanese hospitality and 5-star quality service.
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Events in Japan
Saga International Balloon Festival
Saga International Balloon Fiesta
The Saga International Balloon Fiesta is the largest sky-sporting event in Asia. Over a six-day period from October 31 to early November, it combines three "tournaments" with a grand finale of fireworks and a light show put on by a cluster of hot-air balloons. The balloons are illuminated at night by the flames from their burners, with the music of a live band to add to the spectacle.
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Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament - Tickets are on Sale Now!
Three times a year - in January, May and September - Tokyo hosts national sumo tournaments. If you're visiting Japan in September, it is very much worth the effort to get tickets.
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QUIZ - Did you know?
On September 3rd, 1868, the merchant city of Edo was renamed Tokyo ("Eastern Capital") after the Tokugawa Shogunate fell to imperial forces. On this day, the Meiji Emperor moved to his new capital of Tokyo, taking residence in Edo Castle, now known as the Imperial Palace.

Before Tokyo, where was Japan's ancient capital, and the emperor's previous residence?

a. Kyoto
b. Hiroshima
c. Fukushima
d. Okinawa

Prize: Three lucky winners will be selected among those who answer correctly. The prize will be a pair of adorned chopsticks from Japan.

How to enter: Enter your answer by September 18th, 2019, at

The answer for the Newsletter Vol. 63(June issue) was: b. Mt. Fuji.
Thank you for your participation!

Japan Travel News Letter Quiz Official Rules
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Simple Japan Package = Tokyo & Kyoto =
Take yourself on a trip to Japan! A wonderful time for less than you imagine. Flex your travel plan in Tokyo & Kyoto.
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Tokyo & Kyoto of One Mind
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Discover how age-old Japanese customs blend flawlessly into contemporary life as you journey through the sophisticated whirlwind of Tokyo and Kyoto.
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2020 Luxury Escapes Tour 10 day/9 night
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Includes: Luxury accomodation, full service by nationally licensed guide, ground transportation, luggage transfers, airport transfers, first class bullet train, daily breakfast, etc.
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