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Tohoku Intro

Tohoku, literally “East-North” of Japan, is just north of Tokyo and is easily accessible by train. Tohoku is rich in breathtaking nature, intriguing history, and warm culture. Tohoku is beautiful during all four seasons, with unique features that make the North-East region worth visiting all year round. During the spring, Tohoku is home to some of the most famous and beautiful cherry blossom viewing sites. In summer, Tohoku becomes lush and verdant, hosting three of the largest Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals) in Japan. During autumn, Tohoku’s vast natural sites are famous for early fall foliage. In the winter, Tohoku has unique natural phenomena and is a paradise for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Tohoku’s rich history includes the famous Fujiwara clan of ancient times, as well as the Date clan of the feudal era. Many of Tohoku’s most famous monuments incorporate its naturally mountainous terrain and diverse natural life (both plant and animal), creating a naturally tranquil atmosphere with picturesque scenery referenced in historical poems and stories. With many undeveloped regions, the unspoiled forests are home to rare plants and animals of Japan. Beyond forests, Tohoku lies along the coast with beautiful views of the ocean allowing for a bountiful aquatic ecosystem as well.

Whether it is a hot spring bath in rural Tohoku or a stay in the city, the local delicacies are delicious and diverse, offering meals from both land and sea. From a fresh, rustic meal to grilled beef tongue, the flavors of Tohoku are a unique experience. Visit Tohoku and take a journey to the northern regions of Honshu, full of nature, culture, and history— easily accessed in just 2-4 hours by transit from Tokyo!

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